Significant Projects

Customer: “Alstom” and SIA “LEC”

Reconstruction works of Pļaviņas HPP hydraulic units No. 4,5,7 – construction works, equipment replacement, stator repairs.

Customer: AS “Latvenergo”

Construction of additional heat only boiler at the Riga TPP-1.

Customer: SIA “Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia”

Fuel station construction in Kandava.

Customer: AS “Latvenergo”

Reconstruction and repair works of Ķegums HPP spillway dams No.6 and No.7, renovation of the gates.

Customer: AS “Rīgas Siltums”

Turn-key project of SC Ziepniekkalns bio-fuel cogeneration power plant with output of 4MW electric and 22MW thermal.

Customer: “SIA “Fortum Jelgava”

Construction works at combined heat and power plant in Jelgava, 73 Rūpniecības street.

Customer: Gama Guc Sistemleri Muhendislik ve Taahhut A.S.

Riga TPP-2 reconstruction. ST&STG, HRSG, BOP, electrical and I&C erection works.

Customer: PS E&S 1000

Construction of district heating network DN1000 in the TPP-2 territory.

Customer: AS “Latvijas elektriskie tīkli”

Reconstruction of „Alsunga” 110/20 kV substation.

Customer: AS “Latvijas elektriskie tīkli”

Construction of 330 kV power transmission lines LB301, LB302, LB303, LB304 and LB305 from the commuting point at marking 52m onto substation No. 4 Aizkraukle.

Customer: AS “Latvenergo”

Replacement of Riga TPP-2 technical water system between pump station till the populated area Datavi, supply of the polyethylene piping.

Customer: AS “Latvenergo”

Renovation of Riga HPP upstream slope concrete fasteners, from point PK 14+00 till PK 31+33 and between points PK 51+76 līdz PK 64+92.

Customer: AS “Latvenergo”

Steel chimney construction for heat only boilers No.1 – No.3, renovation and adjustment of heat only boilers No.1 – No.4 at Riga TPP-2.